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Exceptional Job

My family and I have been clients of White Rock Massage Therapy Clinic for over a decade. We have had treatments from a variety of therapists at this clinic and every one of them does an exceptional job of treating our issues from chronic to sports related. I highly recommend White Rock Massage Therapy Clinic for all muscular skeleton needs.

-Lynn G

Best Massage Ever

“I have been going to White Rock Massage for about 8 years and highly recommend it. I have had wonderful massages from almost all the therapists and would recommend any of them. At present I have been seeing Sheryl. My daughter saw Sheryl for the first time a couple of weeks and summed it up by saying it was the best massage she has ever had.”


Helped Me Immensely

“I have been going to White Rock Massage Therapy Clinic for over 2 years now and I am very happy to give the therapists a great review. I have a serious circulation problem which is disabling. I have had treatment by several of the registered therapists, which has helped me immensely by regaining some of the feeling in my legs. I cannot thank them enough.”


More Flexible & Feel Better

“My wife and I have been receiving Massage Therapy treatments at White Rock Massage Therapy for the past number of years, and have recommended them to our friends and relatives. We also feel much better after our sessions and notice a marked improvement in the flexibility of our joints and a relaxation in our muscles. We highly recommend them and their treatments, which is good for all age groups. It has proven most beneficial.”

-Peter & Gillian B. — White Rock

Over 10 Years

“My wife and I have been receiving treatment from Rose and her RMT associates for over 10 years. We are both very active and as such occasionally find our bodies in need of a ‘tune up.’ Over the years we have seen an ongoing commitment from White Rock Massage to the understanding of the body and new techniques from improving the body’s function. We would not hesitate to recommend Rose and her team to anyone interested in receiving competent, professional RMT treatment.”

-C & M B. — South Surrey

Professional & Accountable

“I have been a client of White Rock Massage Therapy Clinic for over 15 years. I would not go anywhere else, although many new venues for Massage Therapy have opened in local spas. To me, it is a wonderful place where I feel comfortable with any of the therapists; although, like anyone I have a relationship with one of the therapists, Jacinthe, that has spanned the years and times. She supported me after a tragic accident when I broke my knee, and she worked hard to rebuild my muscles. Thanks to her I walk everywhere today and I am confident to travel again. 

When I go to White Rock Massage, I am assured that the therapists are registered and have extensive training and experience. I know no matter whom I see (I have my favourite like Jacinthe), I will receive the quality of care that is professional and accountable. I feel at home in an environment that is all about me, not the after service of products. As a professional in the White Rock area, I highly recommend this clinic.... not for its massage oils or dim lights, but for its professional service to clients and for their ethical standards and practice.”

-Claudia Anderson — President, Anderson Programs Inc.

Toshi Is Stellar!

“I first met Toshi in 2005 after a brave, but foolish attempt to move a pool table with muscle power. A gunshot sound from my lower back clearly indicated the table had won the skirmish. In our initial series of contacts he straightened me up and repaired the damage. We got to know each other over the repair period, where his competence and quite capable manner clearly shone through. When it looked like I was back to normal and would have to do without his treatments, I managed to slip on the ice on the top deck of the YVR parking garage during the winter of 2007, not once but twice, destroying my Blackberry which Toshi declined to fix, but also displacing my hip and back, which he did restore to their correct locations (twice). Since that time Toshi has done a stellar job with a regular inspection and maintenance program which has kept me upright, pain free and functional!

Seriously, my wife and I recommend him to anyone in need of repairs or preventative maintenance. He is excellent at either task and we look forward to spending an hour with him every month or so, nose down on the bench as he works his magic.”

-Rollie — White Rock

Knowledgeable and Friendly

“The professional RMT’s at White Rock Massage are extremely knowledgeable and friendly! They have become a crucial part of my healthcare team, working with me to find a long-term solution for an old injury. I won’t go anywhere else now!”


Feeling Relaxed

“I have been a client of the White Rock Massage Therapy Clinic for 6 years. The staff takes the time to diagnose underlying pain issues and tailor their treatments to my specific needs. The staff is experts in the field and their personalities complement their treatment approach. Because of their thorough program I ensure that I use their services for on-going maintenance of my muscles not just when I have an issue. I always leave White Rock Massage Therapy feeling relaxed and physically renewed.”

-Sandra M

Knowledgeable and Caring

“I have been going to White Rock Massage since 2015 for a variety of work related injuries. I can’t say enough about how vital Sheryl Hebb and Toshi Hasegawa have been in keeping me going through some very physically challenging times. I’ve been to a number of Clinics over the years and this is by far, the best one.The staff is knowledgeable and caring and they listen to what your issues are and then work with you to develop a strategy to address those issues. You will always have my business and appreciation for all you’ve done in keeping me going when I thought I would give up because of the intense pain I was having. Thank you... thank you and thank you!!! “

-Michael S

Helped Lessen the Pain

“Massage therapy has allowed me to maintain my active lifestyle while dealing with a severe shoulder injury. Massage therapy has helped lessen the pain and discomfort I am dealing with by reducing the muscle stiffness and headaches that are a by-product of my injury.”

-Darren W

Relaxed and Comfortable

“I have been receiving massage treatments from Sheryl and her RMT colleagues for over 5 years now. I am a very busy women, travel a lot on business and find my body requires massage monthly to keep me relaxed and comfortable. Sheryl has taken an interest in my health and recently recommended that I consider Pilates to strengthen my core to help me avoid the ongoing back and shoulder pain I experience, I recently joined and feel great! Over the past 5 years I have seen a commitment from White Rock Massage to help me understand my body and new techniques from improving my health. I would not hesitate to recommend Sheryl and her team to anyone interested in receiving a quality, professional RMT treatment.”

-Lynn C – White Rock

Friendly Therapists

“I have been going to White Rock Massage Therapy Clinic for several years to help with the mental stress and wear on my body from my career as a Police Officer. The therapeutic, deep tissue massage provided by the therapists at the clinic is exactly what is required to deal with these issues. When looking for a massage that is medically positive I know that White Rock Massage Therapy will provide what is required.”

-Bryan T

Successful Treatment

“A testament to the successful treatment I receive from my highly qualified and knowledgeable RMT, Sheryl Hebb. 


I found Sheryl by chance. As a former combat veteran that had recently relocated to to White Rock I needed someone that could direct bill Veterans Affairs. If you are from a military town this is not an issue. However, it was a bit of an ordeal until I found Sheryl. She was very accommodating and helpful with ensuring my treatment would be covered. 


I suffer from several recurring sports injuries, military injuries as well as some trauma that was later diagnosed as chronic pain and PTSD. I have had countless hours in all kinds of therapies like acupuncture, physio, laser, ultrasound, chiropractic and psychotherapy. All of these help to a certain extent. The thing that works best, for me, is deep tissue massage. Sheryl is able to address my multiple conditions using her extensive knowledge and experience. I receive treatment bi-monthly and find I am able to maintain a level comfort with the work she does on me. My pain is reduced, and I have less inflammation and increased flexibility. The effects also reduce the hyper awareness and anxiety I suffer from with PTSD.


I cannot thank Sheryl enough. I highly recommend her services and massage therapy in general.”

-Scott M

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